To all those in the Kidnap Sukina Plot which has more or less gone defunct, I apologize. I'm now declaring it closed and Sukina rescued, though I'm also writing the conclusion to it. I'm very sorry for leaving it unattended for so long. Thank you for your time!!

The Mun.
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1. SIZE RESTRICTIONS: I'm sorry people, but these are two 6-foot tall youkais we're talking about hiding in the valley. So that means that you can still kick their asses, but if you're taller than 15 feet, Inari's wards will NOT let you in.

2. Divine powers: Telepathy and telekinesis only, though chi attacks are welcomed. The rest are up for debate, and I'll work with what I have. In other words, even Celeste's Gathering abilities are limited, so it's only fair not to just kill them that easily.

3. This is Inari's land, so there's no death here. Plenty of anime-type effects though, if you want it. ^_^

4. I'll tell you later when I can think of it. Thank you! :)
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In a small cave within the Makai Dimension

*The world known as Ninjenkai to the normal humans were simply one facet of the whole planetary system. The other was Makai, which existed on it's own as a sort of separate layer to Ninjenkai. The latter was often viewed as the first layer with Makai being the second. The third layer of the Judgement world was Reikai ((Yes yes, I'm taking names from YYH)), which was often hidden from both layers, and was also the layer in which Divine Beings like Celeste and Inari rested.

The two youkai had taken their blond prisoner and hostage to one of Inari's 'Holy Places.' It was one of the three sites in the entire Makai in which everything was under Inari's total control, from the grain in the ground to the clouds in the sky. The Fox God however, had created this as a safe haven for his worshippers against divine retribution and the like before a trial, so there were specifics in the way the other Divine Beings, including their Clergy, could operate. Sukina and the two foxes knew this well, though the older needed to make a few rules clear*

Your siblings should find the children soon. It's a pity that they can't inform Reika-sama. Your Goddess cannot help you here, Child. Not even she can gather souls from this place unless Inari gives her permission. And with the size restrictions... *Smirks*

*Rolls his eyes at the older* She'll know quite well the youkai-sized restrictions and the powers as well. The form you take is the form that your power's unleashed. Your Goddess would have to take an animal form if she were to enter her, seeing as her normal and original form was a humanoid. She would be a Phoenix, wouldn't she?

((No divine powers allowed, with the exception being to Telekinesis and Telepathy. Others are up for debate. Have fun with the rescue mission!! If people join, that is. ^_^))
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Time to move!

*Both followed Sukina, though instead of following her to the Temple they went to her home in Kyoto instead. All the Priestesses would have known if they'd went there, and they settled down to wait for the young woman to return. It may have been difficult for those who didn't belong in Sukina's part of the Universe to track her, but they were from her world and timeline.*

There she is. *Spies through the looking glass he purchased* Damnit, Komarasu, she's got cubs with her!

Matters not, Mien. She's ours. *Waits for her to appear in the kitchen and start baking, absorbed in it until she lets her guard down a little, the children distracting her*

Let's go.
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Just the right time...

*The two foxes watch a blond young woman in the Nexus, observing her staying close to the Goddess for now, although they could see several opportunities to spirit her away, they do not do so, as the No-Violence Field was in effect. Besides, taking her in her home would send a strong message to the Princess Riala*

They're off to fight a war that isn't theirs. *Spits* Ninjen blood.

... That Ninjen blood nearly killed your mother when the Princess was presented to her patriarchs. And might I also remind you that she killed Cratins?

That Priest was stupid enough to go against them in the first place.

Doesn't change the fact that facing her head on will mean our deaths.



I'm retconning everything that these two boys, Komarasu and Mien have said so far. There's another plot I want to use them for. Thank you for stopping by!

The Mun. :)
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(no subject)

Took a walk through the Nexus today but didn't feel like saying anything. There's been a bit of chaos in London, but it's nothing that concerns us. What I would really want is to sit down and have a long talk with Princess Rielle. She needs to realise that no one is born into the Kitsune Royal Families without a reason, and she cannot run away from her heritage, no matter what she does.

She's also a Kitsune No Miko as well! That means that she has a religious obligation to Inari! I... I don't know what to do...
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(no subject)

Mien here. Komarasu would prefer not to have too much to do with Ninjen technology, but it may make all the difference. Our Princess and Miko is one of those hybrids who seemed to have made the best of living in Ninjen. She's 19, but she seems to have come into her full powers already. I'm sure that her mother's blood has something to do with that.

I still find it hard to believe that such a child can come out of a union. She looks more like her mother than her father, but she's got the strength of both. *Shoulder winces at the memory*

We stumbled across a Nexus of sorts when we were returning home, but most of the advice were ones that we had already done. If she appears there we might be able to persuade her, but it seems like a hopeless cause.

Out for the night,
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